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Company on The World

Led light boxes

Employ the effectiveness of outdoor visual advertising in your next promotional campaign. WARMAX is a company specialising in the production of LED light boxes according to your specifications. They use aluminium along with dibond or vinyl to create the perfect outdoor advertisement, compatible with the image projected by your brand.


Make your dreams of beautiful nest for your family come true with experienced building contractors from Ireland. They create energy efficient homes in Dublin, Galway and other parts of the country. Tight budget? No worries! They create quality, yet cheap houses, based on modern architectural solutions and technologies. - Moses basket

We are selling only the best quality baby accessories. In our offer you can find products which have traditional look and modern components. It is a Moses Basket and you probably saw it in old movies. It is very comfortable and easy to move around the house, while its functionality is raised as you can use it as a cot bed.

Phone cases and housing

Alcatel, Apple, HTC, Samsung and other smartphones can become a stylish, original detail, which highlights your personality. Visit the website and create a phone case with the use of the picture of your friends, family, beautiful view or with an image of an artwork or other element. It is not expensive and very simple.

Reconditioned turbo

Reconditioned turbo compressor might be as good as new, if you trust only the experienced, qualified professionals. Turbo-Tec company is a specialist when it comes to turbo reconditioning - choosing our services you will limit the costs and get a part in the perfect condition. Choose Reman-Tec Ltd today!

Reman-Tec Ltd

5 London Road,
SW17 9JR London, Greater London
74 484 72 512
The best activities in Norway

Find out more about what you can do on board the charter boat and book the best activity for you and your family. Lady Elsie Tromso organizes great fishing trips all year round, amazing fjord or whale watching cruises as well as takes you to the full sea in the winter to see the Northern Lights. Book the boat now!

Tromso Angling & Whale Watching Adventures

Sjøtunvegen 481,
9108 Kvaløya, Troms
+4 747 89 5864
Tv unit - Mex Furniture

The online store specialises in the distribution of one of the most durable, elegant and functional high gloss furniture. MEX is known for, i.e. their TV units, which represent the most original, unique style, as well as are available in much more traditional forms. Check their prices and order them today!

Покрытия для беговых дорожек

Novofloor - серия многофункциональных напольных спортивных поверхностей, которые используются самыми взыскательными спортивными клубами. Среди них находятся тоже покрытия для беговых дорожек, доступные в нескольких вариантах. Все они отличаются устойчивостью к легкоатлетическим шипам и имеют сертификат IAAF.

Salon reception desk

Stylish furniture for your lobby is a necessary requirement, if you wish to project appropriate, positive image of your company. MDD is a manufacturer, which designs amazing salon reception desks, which use elegant materials, unique lighting solutions and stylish forms to create a functional, representative space.

Production in Poland

In several decades of Cushman & Wakefield company experience, it has helped numerous customers find the best warehouse or investment area to develop, e.g. their production. Now, the company is present in Poland as well, offering their vast knowledge of the local real estate market. Choose their help!

Cushman & Wakefield Poland Sp. z o.o.

ul. Pl. Piłsudskiego 1,
00-078 Warszawa, woj. Mazowieckie
22 820 20 20
Surfaces for gym | NOVOFLOOR

A series of modern floors for multifunctional sport facilities, manufactured from modern materials ensuring their highest safety and durability. Novofloor, surfaces for gym, are available in different versions to meet the needs of various schools or professional clubs. See the details included on the website.

NOVOL Sp. z o.o.

ul. Żabikowska 7/9,
62-052 Komorniki, woj. wielkopolskie
61 810 98 00
Baby cot bedding sets

Do not look for each element individually, to create the best, cozy atmosphere in your child's bedroom. Baby cot & bedding sets available on our website are made of safe materials and are available in a variety of different colors, types, sizes etc. Choose quality pillows, sheet, duvets at attractive prices!

Baby Accessories UK

Poznańska 82,
76-200 Słupsk, pomorskie
88 932 09 05
Dentistry abroad - Index Medica UK

Thanks to professional services of Index Medica clinic, now everyone can choose modern, professional dentistry abroad. State-of-the-art equipment, innovative materials and completely safe procedures is what you get at Index Medica UK clinic, located in Poland. What is more, the prices are extremely attractive.


ul. Czapińskiego 2,
30-048 Kraków, woj. Lesser Poland
12 631 11 33
Basketball - shoes

What is exceptional about Basketmania online store? First of all the choice - the variety of models, brands (for instance Jordan, Adidas or Nike) will let you find the exact products you are looking for. So do not hesitate and visit the website even now, to get your gear in the shortest possible time.


ul. ul. Hallera 15,
83-200 Starogard Gdański, woj. Pomorskie
50 194 41 43

To create a professional CCTV or TV system you need to find modern equipment - preferably wireless, as it is the easiest to use and lately extremely reliable. CAMSAT is a manufacturer of radio transmitters, receivers, antennas and other accessories of such type. The details can be found on the company website.


ul. Ogrodowa 2a,
86-050 Solec Kujawski, woj. Kujawsko-Pomorskie
52 387 10 97
Polishing compounds, putties and other supplies from Troton Sp. z o.o.

Trust the experience and innovations introduced by an expert in the area of automotive solutions. Troton Sp. z o.o. is a company offering professional car detailing supplies, which are chosen by the most demanding customers - specialists in this area. Find out more about putties, polishing compounds, clear coat spray paints and other high quality products.

Tow bars

Our company is a leading manufacturer of high quality automotive products such as tow bars, tow car, brake pads and brake discs, etc. have tow bars with detachable ball and sticking out automatically. In our daily work we aspire to greater efficiency and higher quality of our products. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our rich and cheap offer.

Zaklad Mechaniczny Marek Steinhof

ul. Przemysłowa 27A,
33-100 Tarnów, woj. małopolskie
14 627 32 05
PPH S. I A. Pietrucha ZPCHR - Geogrid

One of the problems of civil engineering is the reinforcement of soil or the stabilization of slopes. Standard methods are quite often very expensive, time consuming and rarely as effective as should be. Pietrucha company offers new solution to this problem - GeoGrids with integrated nodes. GeoGrid is made of material that is at the same time extremely durable and easy to apply. Nowadays they gain more and more appreciation by various companies from the construction sector. Find out more.


ul. Przemysłowa 10,
98-235 Błaszki, woj. łódzkie
43 829 20 51
S. i A. Pietrucha Sp. z o.o. - Piling

Piling is a very complicated and sophisticated constructions. They are built in places where you need to collect and isolate a large amount of water. Such pilings, can also be used to adjust the river or body of water protection against leaching shore. If you are interested in this information, have a look at our website @ you will find much more detail.


ul. Szkolna 29,
95-054 Ksawerów, woj. łódzkie
42 212 84 84

At Profess company website you will find the details of a very interesting offer of manual or electric sliding gates, palisade fencing and other, similar solutions from the area. The company excels at creating uniquely durable products applied around private homes as well as finding its application in industrial environment.

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